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Company Name: Shout Credit Card Visa

Representative APR: 582% APR Variable

Credit Limit: Up to £300 credit limit available

Credit Card Type: Visa

Charge Overseas Spend: 2.5%

Charge on Withdrawals: 2.5%

Charge on Over Limit or Late Payment: £0

About Shout Credit Card:

Shout Visa is ideal for people who have a poor credit history. The Shout Credit Card has no interest charges or default fees. You can use your Shout Card to purchase items online or in store anywhere in the world. There is a monthly flat fee of £15 for every £100 borrowed. With Shout you get the credit you deserve.

Shout Credit Card is Great if you..

tickHave poor credit history
tickWant to start repairing your credit score
tickControl your budget
tickNeed access to short term credit
tickWant to spend money abroad conveniently

Shout Customer Service
51 Saffron Road
LE18 4US
0844 993 1020


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1 Comments to “Shout Credit Card Visa”

  1. marie_devil76 says:

    i fell behind in payments when i was a student and have had trouble getting loans and mobile phone contracts since. i looked at aqua card and shout card to try improve my credit rating, its seemed to have worked because i applied for a new phone contract and was accepted. mayb e was just lucky but not complaining.

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